InfoPower 4000.0.9 changes (9/25/2006)


  • Support embedding of TwwRecordViewPanel into a DBCtrlGrid.


  • Fixed problem with reference to nil pointer when retrieving custom control information.  This problem occurs in some rare instances.


  • Support auto-filling of picture mask prefix in TwwDataInspector. Previously the auto-filling of the prefix was only supported when using an embedded TwwDBEdit


  • Support Import/Export filters when using non-administrator accounts.  Previously would fail to load filters in those cases.


·        Parsing of floating point numbers containing an exponential E would be recognized incorrectly.  This would cause numbers to be incorrectly stored in some cases. This problem is fixed


InfoPower 4000.0.8 changes (5/2/2006)


  • Support TimeStamp type for Auto - DateTimePicker

InfoPower 4000.0.7 changes (7/6/2005)

TwwDBComboBox, TwwDBLookupCombo, TwwDBDateTimePicker, TwwDBComboDlg

  • In some cases theme-enabled applications would not display the combo buttons properly


  • Reset default editor after calling ApplySettings
  • Fixed painting issues related to sizing


  • When incremental searching a csDropDownList style combo, the cursor was moved to the end when the text was not found in the list. We avoid repositioning the cursor in this mode.


·        Fix bug when grid is expanded with multi-select enabled. During painting, it checked the wrong row before.

·        Fix indicator painting bug introduced with XP Service Pack 2. The indicator was no longer painted transparently with the new common controls with Service Pack 2. This issue is resolved with this build.

·        Multi-select could cause memory leak if the datasource was detached before the form did its cleanup.  This scenario is now handled properly.

·        In some cases after raising an exception in the tfield.OnValidate event the grid would be confused on the active control and lead to an access violation. Fixed.

·        In some cases footer cells were painted in the wrong position. Fixed.



·        Fixed problem handling carriage return as it previously set the focus to the parent control when encountering this character. 



·        In some cases the focus was being set to this control even when the parent was not visible. This would cause an exception to be raised and this problem is now avoided.



·        If display field is the same as the lookup field, then update text to match the lookup field after setting the LookupValue property instead of performing a lengthy search through the LookupTable.



·        When embedded on a frame, the dialog could yield an access violation during cleanup



  • Respect AutoEdit=false after change is made in dialog.


InfoPower 4000.0.6 changes (7/9/2004)


  • Support RightToLeft BiDiMode.
  • Call inherited Toggle after setting datalink so state is accurate when the Toggle event is fired.


  • Check datasource is valid first in DoAfterDrawCell.


  • When using OnEncodeDateTime with the filterdialogs match range option. The values can sometimes be uninitialized. This has been corrected.
  • When calling execute without clicking anything, press a number key, then the a or s key. The field list goes blank. Also pressing Alt+A or Alt+S to switch tabs makes the field list go blank. The list will repopulate when changing the field sort order. This occurs with fdTabsAtTop option setting.


  • A problem was introduced that occasionally caused an infinite loop when typing into this control. This has been corrected.


InfoPower 4000.0.3 changes (5/5/2003)

InfoPower 4000 now includes support for Mike Lischke's XP ThemeManager.


  • Don't process key if different window is open in hook.
  • Logic incorrect before causing problem in unbound case.
  • Fix bug with mapped text in unbound datainspector.
  • Don't allow exit for unbound case when tied to a TwwDBEdit
  • Fix bug with sizing of row
  • Don't call inherited MouseDown if doesn't satisfy picture mask constraints as inherited MouseDown clears modified flag and sets EditText. Also allowed FlushContents to do modified test for picture masks, and fixed unbound case with picture masks.
  • Fix problem where cancel from navigator after expand button opened with navigator.
  • Respect MaxLength.


  • Support bidimode in csPaintCopy (grid can now use custom control with bidimode).


  • Support bidimode in csPaintCopy (grid can now use custom control with bidimode).


  • Ditto Fixes. Including published DittoAttributes and made persistent. Ditto direction was also not previously passed so only supported dittoprior
  • When scrolling call CustomEditFocus in case activecontrol is a child component of currentcustomedit.
  • Check toprow and rowchanged as previously didn't fire these events when paging up/down from navigator
  • Support RightToLeft hint.
  • Allow IME editor to handle keystrokes.
  • Start offset at bottom of grouping label in fixed area.
  • Don't use loNoVertLine style when drawing Theme background for themes in title.
  • Indicator column should not paint lines with themes.


  • Fix bug with Navigator property causing Access violation.
  • Fix problem where hint for other control closing up dialog in Delphi 7.
  • Fix bug where InAutoDropDown state was cleared due to calling PerformSearch in one of the events. Thus we save this state before the events and refer to it in the DropDown method.